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Curt's OG Nike and Air Jordan Collection

Major Look Boston

(All photos shot and edited by our designer, Curtis Linden)

Last week our boy Frankie (@flo_goods) came through to interview Curtis for his Youtube series, "The Interrogation".  To get some cool shots for the interview, Curtis pulled out his full collection of OG Nike and Air Jordan sneakers.  After the interview we had some fun and got some really cool shots of the collection.  We went behind the scenes of the entire shoot on the Major Look Boston snapchat, and today we present the final edits from the shoot. 

With the exception of a couple retros, the collection features all OG Nike's released from 1987 to 2001.  For those who don't know what that means, every pair is from the sneaker's original release date.  Many of the pairs have been retroed (re-released), but the quality of a retro typically can't compare to the quality of the original version. 

You might wonder why the soles on some pairs appear torn up.  Overtime, the soles will break down but can be replaced with the soles of alternate sneakers; sole swapping.  Curt's done a few Youtube videos where you can learn about OG sneakers and the sole swapping process.  Check out "Kickin' It With OGs" below!!