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Flo Goods Reps 'Space Maj' in "The Interrogation-" Ep. 2 (ft Sean Wotherspoon)

Major Look Boston

Our good friend Frankie (@flo_goods) recently started up a new video series "The Interrogation", where he interviews some big names in the vintage streetwear game.  On Episode 2, Frankie interviewed Sean Wotherspoon, owner of renowned buy/sell/trade store, Round Two.  Over the past few years Sean has built Round Two up from a small storage space to multiple retail locations in Richmond, VA and Hollywood, CA.  Filmed in the back room of Round Two Hollywood, check out this episode to get a feel for Sean's vintage inspirations and some of his favorite pieces that are currently in the Hollywood store.  

Thanks to Frankie for always rocking with us, and wearing the "Space Maj" t-shirt in his latest episode!!  BUY IT HERE

If you're not already familiar with Round Two, I highly suggest you check out their Youtube series "The Show" and follow them on IG.  Follow Sean's personal account to get ya mind blown away with his crazy collection.

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