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Our Cross Country Trip


So you heard about WHY we decided to move to LA, here's the story of HOW we got there.  And what better way to start this journey than with a nice 3,000 mile road trip across the country.  (Sorry if our iPhone pics aren't the greatest quality!)


We left Weymouth, MA around 6:00AM on October 1st, with the intention of driving to somewhere around the Ohio/Indiana border.  After about 13 hours on the road, we ended up at a Courtyard Hotel just outside Toledo, OH. Shout out to John for hooking us up with some Marriott Hotel discounts for the trip!!  If you've done this drive, you know it's pretty uneventful but we were blessed with a beautiful sunset, which we drove towards for about 45 minutes through Western Ohio. 

rog trip-ohio.jpg



Damn is middle America a boring drive!!  We left Toledo at 7am and drove through Indiana, Illinois and Iowa before ending up in Omaha, Nebraska for the night.  Nothing much to see here, except cornfields.  Miles and miles of cornfields (we later found out we had driven through the "Corn Belt of America").  The highlight of our day came in Morris, Illinois where we stopped off to grab lunch and ended up doing some thrifting.  Pretty dope comeups!


Day 3

Omaha to Denver, yet another boring drive.  But damn, Denver is a cool ass city!!  We got here around 2pm with the intention of spending just the night, but after just a few hours we decided to spend an extra day.  After meeting our good friend Bo for some recreational activities, we wandered into a city we knew very little about.  After driving around for about 5 minutes we came across Barnum Park, complete with a dirt-trail park for bikers and an amazing view of the city skyline.  We busted out the skateboards and rode around the park until the sunset--too much fun!!

rog trip-denver.jpg


Day 4

Finally a day of no cross country driving.  Naturally, we started the day off with some thrifting and we made out pretty well!  Then we decided to get some morning disc golf in at Johnny Robert's Memorial Park.  After 18 holes of DG, we drove into the mountains and checked out Red Rocks Amphitheater.  What an amazing venue!!  It was hard to believe that on a Sunday afternoon there was hardly anyone there--which seemed to be the case throughout our stay in Denver.  If you ever plan a cross country trip, I strongly recommend stopping in Denver, what a beautiful city.

rog trip--denver.jpg


Day 5

Back on the road!!  Finally, we got to see some amazing sites on our drive from Denver to Bryce Canyon, Utah.  Driving through the Rockies was absolutely breathtaking, as I found myself saying "this is the craziest sh*t I've ever seen" at almost every turn.  Then we arrived at our destination, Bryce Canyon, truly the craziest sh*t I've ever seen on my life.  We decided to venture down the Navajo Loop Trail and ran into a couple who advise us we might want to head back as the sun was soon to set.  Instead, we continued down the canyon and it began pouring rain about 5 minutes later.  We were about .2 miles from the end of the Navajo Loop when we noticed the end of the trail was closed off.  Sick!  We turned around and hiked about 1.5 miles up the canyon through the pouring rain.  Thanks for the unforgettable memories, Bryce Canyon.

rog trip-bryce 4.jpg


Day 6

The homestretch--Bryce Canyon to Los Angeles, with a brief pit stop in Vegas (which surprisingly involved no gambling).  Aside from a beautiful sunrise over the mountains in Utah, not much to say about this drive, but we made it!  Safe and sound, no troubles at all!  75 degrees and sunny on our arrival day, we already love living in LA.  First order of business...get our first office/warehouse setup.  Location TBA!

This was truly the experience of a lifetime.  To anyone considering a cross country journey, just do it!  (And make sure to hit us up when you're in LA!)