Major Look Boston™ is a street wear brand inspired by 90's culture. Targeted towards the hip hop and sports culture, Major Look Boston™ features iconic logos, styles and phrases influenced by the past. Our pieces call attention to familiar logos, portraying them artistically in a ‘made-you-look’ fashion that will not go unnoticed.


Get to know what goes on in the minds of Major Look Boston.



As a 90s brand, we strive for our hats to have the same shape and feel as the vintage 90s hats we love from brands such as Starter, Logo Athletic and Sport Specialties.  With our most recent Sharktooth snapbacks we're content knowing we've finally got that vintage 90s feel we've been trying to achieve for years, but it hasn't been easy..  Here's a brief rundown of our snapback history...



Our first product ever!  Nothing crazy, we pretty much made these just to get the ball rolling and what better way to get people's attention than a black and white hat with a simple "MAJOR LOOK" across the front.  The Original was limited to just 12 hats, if you have this you are a true Major Look Boston OG!!  Our brand was so young and naive at the time that I don't even have a picture of The Original--I guess that makes it even cooler for those who do have it!  (somewhere in our vault is a dead stock--no we won't ever sell it!)


To be honest, when we released the Blast Off Snapback we weren't very well informed of 90s style.  We just wanted a snapback with our name on it, similar to The Original, which people seemed to like.  The hat has a very high crown and material is much too thick, which is not the true 90s fit---but for some reason we still loved it.  Probably the best part of this hat was the "BOSTON, MA" embroidered above the snap belt.  This hat was released as part of our first ever full line and was limited to 100.  You'll probably never see us wear this hat, but we have no regrets. 


Same silhouette as the Blastoff, however we started to add more 90s design style to these hats.  The Draft Cap has been possibly our most popular style, inspired by the script hats players would receive on NBA draft night during the 90s.   Looking back 3 years later, it's funny to think how much we loved these hats.  The concept and design was right, but the crown was still too high, brim too thick and material makeup just wasn't right.  However, we loved them at the time, and for the next year or so we made a couple more NBA-inspired hats of the same style.  We even added embroidered logos to the sides to mimic the style we were going for.



After 2 years of trying to achieve that classic 90s style, we lucked out and found a guy who had come across a lot of blank snap backs from the 90s.  He had a bunch of different styles and colorways, so, we basically bought all of them!  Although every hat was unworn and in mint condition, some of them were so old we couldn't even use them because they'd rip with the slightest bit of resistance.  To us this wasn't a bad problem to have--it meant we actually had snapbacks that were made during the 90s!  We had enough blank caps to last us through the next 2 years, so we released a ton of different styles in limited quantities.  From corduroy Draft Caps, to limited releases for our Yard Sale, to Weymouth High School hats--we were finally spreading the real 90s style hats to our loyal customers.  Unfortunately these blank hats inevitably ran out and we were back to the drawing board...


This brings us to current day, and our recent Hall of Fame collection.  I'm not gonna give out any secrets, but after many attempts we finally found someone who can make exactly the style hats we want (without having to use hats that were made 15+ years ago).  So, our first order of business was to recreate Logo Athletic's timeless Shark tooth snapbacks.  For those unfamiliar with the sharktooth style, I'm sure you can figure out why they call it that.  The fit, feel and shape is exactly what we've been striving for.  We even had them make lightweight brim--for comfort and because that's what hats were like in the 90s!  Give it a slight curve and you'll immediately be brought back to 1992.  We chose to come out with a Boston colorway (navy/red) and old school LA colorway (Black/Silver) to commemorate our recent move across the country.  I can confidently say these are the best hats we've ever released and for anyone searching for that true 90s style, look no further!!

The Sharktooth snapbacks are available now!!