Major Look Boston™ is a street wear brand inspired by 90's culture. Targeted towards the hip hop and sports culture, Major Look Boston™ features iconic logos, styles and phrases influenced by the past. Our pieces call attention to familiar logos, portraying them artistically in a ‘made-you-look’ fashion that will not go unnoticed.


Get to know what goes on in the minds of Major Look Boston.

1987 Pentax Film Camera

Major Look Boston


We recently got together with our good friend Mark Elzey (@cmykcolours) to get some promo shots of our new Fresh Prince of Bel-Air inspired t-shirt and 5 panel hat.  Mark is a pretty well-renowned upcoming photographer who graduated high school with us and recently attended Academy of Art University in San Fransisco.  Mark shot the look book photos for our “End of Summer 2011” collection—maybe our best photos to date.  His younger brother Kim has also done some design work and helped us put together some of our previous lines.  Talented family to say the least! 

Mark used his 1987 Pentax Zoom 105-r Film Camera  which he scooped up just a few days prior for $10!  Mark literally had one roll of film and less than 25 pictures left on the roll—too real!!  Peep the time stamp on the bottom of each photo…we didn’t even know that was gonna happen but it definitely adds a unique touch.  As we hung out and took these photos I couldn’t help but feel like we might have actually been in the 90s for that brief 15-20 minutes.

For the first few photos we got Curt surrounded by a collection of vintage gear in his walk-in vintage closet.  We then moved into the Major Look Boston backroom—a place of nostalgia for us. We hung out here for a little while playing Mega Man X on Super Nintendo and Excite Bike on NES.  We actually hadn’t used the NES for quite some time and were pumped that it still works!!  While we hung out in the Maj room, Mark did his thing to come through with some pretty awesome photos!

My personal favorite might be the fourth picture above—Curt just absolutely flexing haha!!  We also had to take advantage of this opportunity and get an owners picture.