Major Look Boston™ is a street wear brand inspired by 90's culture. Targeted towards the hip hop and sports culture, Major Look Boston™ features iconic logos, styles and phrases influenced by the past. Our pieces call attention to familiar logos, portraying them artistically in a ‘made-you-look’ fashion that will not go unnoticed.


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Congratulations Jim Dolan - 100 Career Wins

Major Look Boston


Before the start of the ‘13/’14 Weymouth High basketball season we met with head coach Jim Dolan to discuss sponsorship of the team.  He wanted to give us ideas for the shooting shirts we’d be making but we ended up in Dolan’s office for about 25 minutes catching up with our old coach.  He told us about his purpose for coaching and his vision for the program; it has nothing to do with wins and losses.  Dolan’s biggest concern is creating a family like culture where players from past years still feel connected to the program. 

You can take it from us—the team went 0-22 our senior year, but here we are sponsoring the team with shooting shirts and superfan t-shirts. 

We were at WHS  Friday night as the Wildcats took down Framingham 48-43.  After the game we congratulated coach Dolan and he filled us in on the secret to the team’s recent 5 game winning streak—he’s worn the Major Look Boston custom shooting shirt every game during the streak.  We couldn’t be any happier for Coach Dolan on reaching his 100th career win, whether or not he was even keeping track.  Congrats coach!!