Major Look Boston™ is a street wear brand inspired by 90's culture. Targeted towards the hip hop and sports culture, Major Look Boston™ features iconic logos, styles and phrases influenced by the past. Our pieces call attention to familiar logos, portraying them artistically in a ‘made-you-look’ fashion that will not go unnoticed.


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Hall of Fame Inductee - Green Corduroy Draft Cap

Major Look Boston


In the Summer of 2011 we put out the “End of Summer 2011” collection.  Featured in this line was “The Draft Cap”—inspired by the hats given to players when they get chosen in the NBA draft.  “The Draft Cap” is probably our most popular hat to date.

When we were able to get our hands on a collection of blank vintage caps from the 90s we knew ‘The Draft Cap’ had to be remade—the opportunity was just too good to pass up on!  So, as part of our Fall 2012 collection we offered “The Draft Cap pt. II” in 3 new colorways.  This is definitely my personal favorite of the 3; the corduroy hat just screams vintage 90s!!  This was also a groundbreaking hat for us as it was one of the first pieces we made truly inspired by vintage 90s gear, and the first garment we ever used that was actually produced in the 90s. 

The green corduroy was easily the most slept on hat we’ve ever produced and we’re happy to finally induct it into the Hall of Fame